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Would your spouse or family know locations for the deed of the house, title for the car, insurance policies, passwords, passports, spare keys?  My Life Directory will be the one document where all of that information (and more!) is stored. There are many topics to get you thinking – all you do is fill in the blanks.  

My Life Directory is a simple, confidential 48 page book or PDF that you and your spouse can complete at your leisure. The digital version is a fillable form than can be stored to your computer or the Cloud.  You don’t have to move or rewrite anything.  MLD includes recording sheets for 16 Categories and over 100 Topics as well as blank pages so you can list custom Topics.  There is sufficient space to record the locations with brief notes to include names and contact information.  My Life Directory also serves as a reminder and a catalyst for people to embark on the discussion needed to create the documents. It’s really quite simple to complete and can fit anyone’s schedule and life style. 


CATEGORIES:  Health, Financial, Legal, Real Estate, Insurance, Accounting, Charities, Internet, Day to Day Living, Residence, Records/Documents, Possessions, Personal, My Spouse & Family, Potential Conflicts, Values


For example: 

Category… Personal


  • If unable to manage some personal affairs, who should manage 
  • Location of credit cards, medical cards, social security card, other
  • Location of files, spare keys
  • Address book/phone book
  • Military service history.
  • Organ donation plans 
  • Etc.



  • Certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, pre-/post-nuptial agreements, other)
  • Vehicle/boat lease, title, registration
  • Passport
  • Photo albums
  • Who has access to records?
  • Etc.

My Life Directory is completely confidential.  You can make copies and distribute all pages or select pages.  You can store the information in the Cloud (PDF) or in a safe deposit box (printed copy), you control the access.

Included in MLD are 3 pages of definitions for terms used in the most common legal and medical documents. There is also an extensive checklist of tasks, in sequential order, to guide your action when there is a death. 

You may be an elder or someone in their prime. Our positive attitudes encourage us to think we are different…somehow immune to sickness or tragedy…but we are not. Simplify the important “paper aspects” of your life for your loved ones.  Though you may have an attorney, accountant or a financial planner, chances are they do not know where to find your house deed or how you pay your taxes or when you pay your insurance. It is the day-to-day items that take on much more importance for those around us when they must keep your affairs current when you cannot.

Attorneys, Financial Advisers, CPA's, Senior Agencies, Non-Profits, Employers-  My Life Directory is perfect for clients, prospects, residents and donors for fundraising and employees. It can be personalized! See Order for more details. 

Employers – This book is appropriate for any age. As your employees start families, acquire assets and mature, they'll be appreciative of the simplified record keeping of My Life Directory.

My Life Directory is available in quantity with or without a cover imprint and can be Branded and Personalized.

Sample Pages