Our Story

My Life Directory Founders

Meet Eileen and Neil

We are a married couple in our 70's with two grown children.

*We have seen first-hand and by watching friends, the needless stress families experience when important information and documents are not available when the spouse or family needs to take over. 

*The idea for My Life Directory began in 2014.  Since then we have held focus groups and researched the best and simplest way to manage the situation.  

*For us, My Life Directory is a mission to soften the hardship caused by sudden illness, accident, dementia or death.  At those stressful times the spouse or family or caregivers must cope with day to day management.   

What better way to “put your affairs in order” than writing down the location of all the important documents and details your spouse and family will need to manage.  Why complicate life for your loved ones? 

Backgrounds: I had a business management career and my wife, Eileen, combined teaching with a business career. Since retiring , I have become a small business mentor as well as facilitator of Strategic Plans for non- profits. Eileen teaches English as a second language and adult reading comprehension.  

" My late husband, a Psychiatrist, worked very hard for his patients.  Although he was ill for a year, there did not seem to be time or energy to work on preparing for the inevitable.  I wish we had My Life Directory to prompt us to work together to locate the information and create the documents.  After he passed away, it was a mess! I felt overwhelmed and not in control of my life.  My Life Directory offers an easy and confidential way to keep track of what needs to be done.  It brings peace of mind and reduces stress at an emotional time ."  - Virginia H., Troy, Michigan