Prepare for the possibility that your family members may need to manage your personal and financial affairs.  My Life Directory has reduced the price 10% with free delivery, until May 31st. 

Sometimes we need information fast!

When you are unable to manage the important everyday and necessary affairs,  even for a short time who will take over? Do they know the location of the house deed, car title, insurance policies, passwords, charge receipts, tax records, loans, mortgage? This list will go on and on. 

My Life Directory is a booklet or downloadable PDF where in just 1 hour you can list locations, important contacts and more. 

It is also a reminder and catalyst for people to embark on discussions about future plans and to find or create any missing documents. The Directory is simple, confidential and inexpensive. 

Why My Life Directory?





My Life Directory is a simple, easy to use, confidential booklet or downloadable PDF you can complete in 1 hour to list the location of important documents and contacts. There are recording pages for 16 categories and over 100 topics to get you thinking.





There will come a time when you need to guide someone else to handle your life affairs. Do they know where everything is so they can take over?





Elders and the Sandwich Generation!

Statistics show that an interruption in life can happen at any age. Starting My Life Directory mid-career makes sense since it is easier to maintain as the amount of documents and information grows. 

Having "The Conversation"

Do you have Parents or Children who are reluctant to talk about the future?  There is a simple, unemotional way to have a conversation with them about the transfer of information to manage their affairs. MLD is a gentle, impersonal, encouragement for people to write down locations and perhaps create the documents.  MLD can be kept confidential with only certain sections shared. 

Not Convinced?

 We believe that My Life Directory fills a need, in fact it is our mission! 

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 "As an Estate Planning attorney, I know my Clients have a difficult time locating documents for the planning process.  The organization of important documents is essential after death when the fiduciary is picking up the pieces.  My Life Directory provides a simple, practical checklist of documents and information that is essential and WHERE the information is located. I strongly encourage clients to use My Life Directory as a tangible prompt to keep their focus on accessibility of vital information for themselves and for their family.”    - Marisa Petrella, Attorney at Law, Michigan