Sometimes we need information fast.


When you are not able to manage the everyday important and necessary affairs, even for a short time...who will take over…your spouse, your family, a relative?  Do they know where everything is ?  

These people need your guidance and love as much as ever. 

My Life Directory will be the one Document or PDF where all those details and locations are stored. There are over 100 Topics to get you thinking. All you do is fill in the blanks.

MLD is a simple, secure, inexpensive way to gain peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

For Professional firms, Associations, Companies, Non Profits...My Life Directory can be personalized with a volume discount . See ORDER link for CONTACT US

Why My Life Directory?



My Life Directory is a simple, easy to use, confidential 48 page book or fillable PDF to list the location of  important documents and contacts needed for someone else to carry on when you are unable. What better way to put your “affairs in order”.



It’s your life and you are managing it well right now. But there will come a time when you need to guide someone else to handle the affairs. Do they know where everything is so they can take over? They will need your love and guidance as much as ever. 



It is not just for Elders or Seniors. Statistics show that an interruption in life can happen at any age. Starting My Life Directory in mid-career makes sense since it is easy to maintain as the amount of documents and special items grow in number.

Sobering U.S. Statistics

Having "The Conversation"

Do you have Parents or Children who are reluctant to talk about the future?  There is a simple, unemotional way to have a conversation with them about the transfer of information to manage their affairs. MLD is a gentle, impersonal, encouragement for people to write down locations and perhaps create the documents.  MLD can be kept confidential with only certain sections shared . 


"As an Estate Planning attorney, I know my Clients have a difficult time locating documents for the planning process.  The organization of important documents is essential after death when the fiduciary is picking up the pieces.  My Life Directory provides a simple, practical checklist of documents and information that is essential and WHERE the information is located.  Accounts and passwords are key to smooth administration of an estate. Other documents are usually kept in the household. It is important to be able to find them immediately.   I strongly encourage clients to use My Life Directory as a tangible prompt to keep their focus on accessibility of vital information for themselves and for their family.”   
- Marisa Petrella., Attorney at Law, Michigan

 You want to be remembered for your Wisdom and Goodness, not the confusion you leave behind.  
- Roman Proverb